Fiserv Forum

Project Type Sports Arena
Customer Fiserv Forum (Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center)
 Scope Uihlein Electric installed controls wiring for many of the Building-Automation, Temperature-Control system equipment. Systems, designed to maximize the comfort of visiting fans, automate and control ventilation and environment heating and air-conditioning, and also manage the operation of the NHL/NCAA-regulation ice hockey rink below the court.Uihlein installed conduits, cabling, and terminations of control components serving Air Handling Units, Smoke Purge Exhausts, Stairwell Pressurization Equipment, Chiller and Heating Plants, Ice Plant, Snow Melt system, and numerous other terminal units. The scope of work also included many other components consisting of control panels and field devices ranging from Zone Temperature Thermostats to Electric-Damper Motors and various types of sensors.

To fulfill the contract, Uihlein Electric invested over 20,000 workforce hours in the project. Some inventory of BAS managed equipment Uihlein installed in the arena included: 
  • 197 – Fan Coil Units
  • 172 – Variable-Air-Volume Boxes
  • 87 – Cabinet Unit Heaters
  • 52 – General Exhaust Fans
  • 23 – Air Handling Units
  • 22 – Pollution Control Units
  • 8 – Smoke Exhaust Fans
  • 4 – Energy Recovery Units
  • Chiller Plant with
    • 8 – Chilled Water Pumps
    • 3 – Cooling Towers
    • Glycol Pump
  • Heating Plant with
    • 5 – Hot Water Pumps
    • 3 – Heat Exchangers
  • Stairwell Pressurization with
    • 13 – Exhaust Air Fans
    • 4 – Supply Fans
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