Uihlein Completes Advocate Aurora Updates

Over the last year, Uihlein has enjoyed updating the infrastructure and communication equipment at the Advocate Aurora Health – Women’s Health Services facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The work was completed in three phases with Alex Farina as the Forman, Eric Markofski as the lead technician, and Tim Flugge as the installer. The team strategically completed the updates to the facility while maintaining business continuity for patients and staff.

Our experts were instrumental in enhancing and remodeling the facility in the following areas.

  • New Independent Distribution Frame
  • Women’s Locker Room
  • Women’s Rehabilitation workroom
  • Cesarean surgical Recovery Rooms
  • Obstetrician Area
  • Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • All Nurses’ Stations

Uihlein has extensive experience working in hospital and cleanroom environments, completing numerous installations, upgrades, and maintenance work. Visit our portfolio to see our work in everything from Healthcare to Sports Arenas.