Inspiration & Innovation Transform a 207,000 Sq. Ft. Milwaukee Tool Expansion

Recently Uihlein Electric was part of a 207,000 sq. foot expansion at Milwaukee Tool whose modern, industrial-architectural style proved challenging for the team. 

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Over 3,000 LED Lights Illuminate Office Expansion Interior

In 2017 Milwaukee Tool completed a 207,000 Sq. Ft. expansion project. Wangard Partners, the owner’s representative, and Uihlein Electric teamed up to plan and install over 3000 LED lights throughout both the interior and exterior of the new wing. Particular attention was paid to the illumination of exterior spaces with the purpose of showcasing building signage, architecture, and landscape elements, while also providing safe passage for pedestrians at night.

The team focused on a few simple goals to meet the unique needs of this project: Using lighting to highlight key architectural features of the building; illuminating entries and walkways for safety; and using lighting fixtures known to improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Brilliance In Both Design and Execution

Lumenpulse coloring-changing spotlights feature a warm, amber hue that mimics the red color of the Milwaukee Tool brand. These fixtures were used to highlight the building’s contemporary architecture, creating drama for a stunning backdrop at night.

Uihlein Electric was responsible for installing electrical and fire alarm wiring throughout the 207,000 Sq. Ft. expansion. Milwaukee Tool wanted an “industrial” appearance; thus, the open ceiling design posed a particular challenge because conduit and cabling needed to both precise and functional. The team selected 16-foot FLUXWERX I-beam lighting fixtures which provided camouflaged illumination. Lighting, controlled by a central control panel in the building, is programmed to turn lights on and off according to building work hours.

Innovation. Inspiration. Style.

During the day, the concrete, steel, and glass incorporated into the Milwaukee Tool expansion wing create a framework of beautiful architecture. While at night lighting adds excitement and energy to both interior and exterior spaces. Kudos to Wangard Partners, Hunzinger Construction, and Stephen Perry Smith Architecture for successfully bringing atmosphere and material together to create a sensory experience as innovative in design as the products Milwaukee Tool produces.