Rely on Uihlein in an Emergency – Experience, Dedication, and Service

Planned or emergency restoration work comes with unique challenges. When seeking a reliable partner for emergency building mitigation or the restoration of a beloved, historic landmark, choose the project team from Uihlein Electric. 

Electrical Restoration Service for Emergency and Preservation Projects


Reassurance for Business Continuity

When beginning a restoration project, look for an electrical contractor with technical expertise and reassurance that the work will be done properly for the situation. When seeking a reliable partner for emergency building mitigation or the restoration of a beloved, historic landmark, choose the project team from Uihlein Electric.

Single Point of Contact

Restoration projects can be complex, so why complicate things more with unclear or redundant points of contact? Uihlein Electric’s local project managers work directly with your team. Not only does this streamline the process, it ensures small problems don’t become big ones.

  • Streamlined processes and assisted project management
  • Building power shut-off and restoration
  • Power redirection or grid relocation
  • Electrical and technology re-wiring and cabling
  • Security solutions
  • Energy management and building automation
  • Facility systems maintenance service

Reliable – In an Emergency and Every Day

Time is money, and delays cost more. In emergencies, the stakes are even higher. Common delays like missing project documentation or technicians who don’t have the right tools or technology to complete the job can cost more in downtime than if a qualified technician can get it done correctly the first time.

In an emergency, you can rely on Uihlein Electric to dispatch a knowledgeable team quickly. Even for large restoration projects, our teams are adept at finding ways to improve the quality of work and manage costs to help you manage your project more efficiently overall.

  • Cutting-edge tooling technology
  • Trained staff with knowledge of system mechanics
  • Certifications to work on all types of equipment
  • Quality prefab solutions
  • Safety is a priority – operate safe, clean job sites
  • Bonding capability for larger projects

We’ve Been Around the Block a Time or Two

Uihlein Electric’s service ethic comes from extraordinary experience spanning more than a century in southeastern Wisconsin. We’re honored for our part in the many notable landmarks that have appeared on Milwaukee’s skyline and in surrounding communities.

Uihlein Electric has been ranked among Milwaukee’s top electrical contractors, delivering reliable service for over 100 years. We serve unique entertainment venues, manufacturing plants, retail and commercial properties, and healthcare facilities. We help facility managers provide safe, vibrant and productive environments for hundreds of thousands of people.

Whether to Restore or Recover a Little History

Beyond our core electrical contracting expertise, Uihlein’s services extend to options that help keep businesses operating smoothly. These range from 24/7 emergency support to routine maintenance programs.

  • Fast response for fire, water and natural disaster recovery
  • Critical power systems and stand-by power solutions
  • On-hand, pre-assembled response kits, ready to deploy assemblies to ensure power is restored as quickly as possible
  • Confirmed distribution partners offering 24/7 support as well, for any material needs outside of normal hours