Uihlein at AmFam

Uihlein Electric is proud of its long-standing relationship with American Family Field – home of the Milwaukee Brewers. You can see Uihlein’s crew (pictured here) working at the venue on everything from new construction projects to audio-visual upgrades. One of our latest projects included working on the internal components of the moving roof. The fan-shaped roof is 12,000 tons of steel and covers more than 8.5 acres. Pictured here are some of the behind-the-scene components that make this feat possible.

It takes roughly ten minutes to open or close the movable roof panels at the ballpark. Each movable roof panel moves independently of the others. The panels are powered by two 60-horsepower electric motors on drive trucks that move along a semi-circular rail system on the track beam about 150 feet above the playing field. The roof towers over 200 feet above the playing field above the second base.