What it takes to make your construction project a success

Big or small, your project has a lot of moving parts.  You need to know what’s going on at the job site and communication is critical to successfully managing progress, budget, and safety.  Do you have the best electrical subcontractor supporting you?  

What key things should you ask for in an Electrical Contractor?

EC’s should bring something more to the table

The best way to complete a job is to streamline the process.  Ask for an Electrical Contractor that offers not only electrical service but a variety of project management abilities.  This allows your General Contractor time to focus on higher priority issues.

  • EC’s should offer design/build assistance or estimating
  • Projects should be managed through a single point of contact throughout
  • EC’s should have project management experience
  • EC’s should be able to complete project closeout documents, like final drawings, test results, or warranty information
  • EC’s should offer quality prefab solutions that lower material costs and man hours

EC’s should walk the talk 

Don’t just take someone’s word on it, do a little exploration.  Making the effort to understand who you’re really working with will serve you best in the long run.

  • How does the EC perform at the job site; are they safe and clean?
  • Does the EC have bonding capabilities large enough to handle sizeable projects?
  • How many years has the EC been serving the area; do they know the market?
  • What do suppliers and other contractors say about the quality of their work?
  • Does the EC make safety a priority; are they transparent about their rating?

“Good relationships will carry you through difficult times.” 

“Commitment” is a core value

Trust is imperative to success.  The best results will follow when you work with an Electrical Contractor whose core values align with yours.

  • You get the ‘A’ team as promised once the job starts
  • They ‘give’ as much as they ‘get’
  • They show mutual respect for what you do
  • Their skills are complementary to everyone on the project
  • Communication is open and honest and they provide a quick resolution on issues