Power Outages: Investing in on-site Energy

WE Energy with 225K out of service






Wisconsin business owners and residents are still reeling after the southeastern region suffered the largest power outage in decades due to the devastating storms that swept through the area.

Power Outages: Investing in on-site Energy

WE Energy reported over 225,000 of their customers were without power, and many were without service for five days. These disruptions to businesses are more than an inconvenience as companies can not interact with customers or employees, run equipment, or process data.

  • Businesses lose $27 billion each year due to power outages
  • 4-hour power disruption = $10K to $30K in loss
  • 3-day outage = $100K+ approximately*

Devastating storms hit Milwaukee, WIHere at Uihlein Electric, we encounter business owners struggling to place a value on electrical reliability. The staggering figures above are why we urge businesses to invest in on-site energy technologies that will prevent interruptions to company operations. Depending on your facility needs, this system can potentially pay for itself in as little as one day.

All too often, emergency calls come after a company has already experienced significant loss in time and money. While our emergency services are ready to deploy, those losses could be prevented by installing the right equipment and a regular maintenance schedule. Decora of Beaver Dam, Kohl’s Fitness, and I Heart Radio were spared lost time with our generator design and installation services. We also installed temporary generators for Brookdale Nursing Home aiding the staff in keeping the residence cared for and comfortable.

southeastern region suffered the largest power outage in decadesUihlein Electric is here to provide free evaluations of your facility to determine the best options for your company’s on-site power needs. Our experts work alongside you to design, purchase, and install your new equipment. We are also here to provide regular maintenance and troubleshooting to prevent issues when the equipment is needed the most.

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*According to Gartner’s research and reporting