Tight Budget? Do More with Less.

The New Year brings new facility management budget challenges. If you’ve been asked to do more with less…does that mean you have to do without? Learn what smart facility managers are doing without this year.

Let Uihlein Electric help you improve the quality of work, reduce costs, and manage projects more efficiently.

Uihlein Electric Service Team

Efficiency without Cost

No matter if your project budget is large or small in scale; planning and scheduling are the first steps. Did you know, leveraging a local contractor is a great way to improve project efficiency?

Hiring local professionals to take on the more complex aspects of your electrical work is a better way to manage time and resources. Local teams can not only manage the project, but they have cutting-edge tooling technology, trained knowledge of system mechanics, and certifications to work on all types of equipment. They carry skills and resources that may be out of reach for in-house teams.

There are cost-savings too. When outsourcing, facilities managers will be able to apply fixed costs to the project, and this can potentially cut overall facility management expenses.

Energy Savings without Complication

Energy management is a better way to do business. Automation systems that regulate climate make curbing energy usage easy, and integration of energy saving systems, like water-cooled chillers, reduces operating costs.

Whether involved in healthcare, manufacturing, financial data, or commercial properties, engaging a certified contractor to perform an energy audit is the best way to discover where to find savings. Your electrical contractor can provide a comprehensive and tactical survey along with financial analysis for each identified measure.

Continuity without Disruption

Staffing is an area where facilities managers truly feel the pinch. More are partnering with local contractors to take on day-to-day maintenance as well as planned project work.

Working with a reputable, local electrical contractor ensures your facility won’t falter because you’re short-handed. Services range from providing 24/7 emergency support to routine maintenance management.  They can serve as dedicated onsite support or simply supplement an in-house team.

Using outside resources is a great way to manage risk too. Reputable electrical contractors offer trained and certified personnel knowledgeable of compliance regulations.

Plus, maintenance programs can control labor costs.  Many provide flexible programs that offer monthly work tickets, preferred hourly packages, or long-term contracts.  Managers can manage a budget easier by directing labor volumes as to what’s needed.